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DYS Translations is a leading innovator and provider of translation and localization services for computer and mobile applications.
DYS Translations continually improves Internet translation with features designed to provide a seamless experience for consumers.
Headquartered in Japan, DYS Translations has unparalleled experience in the mobile applications field and performs translations for major corporations and individual developers alike.

DYS Translations was founded in 2008 by a group of qualified, professional translators who were striving to offer a fast, reliable and affordable service designed to meet the needs of indie developers in the early days of the Apple App Store. DYS Translations initially focused its business on iPhone and iPod touch applications, and has localized more than 5,000 applications since the launch of the iTunes App Store. With the growth of other application markets, the company now performs translations for all platforms.
DYS Translations was the very first company in the world to focus its business on translations for mobile applications. In doing so, the DYS Translations team shared one ideal, one mission: to capture and lead the global market in this growing, new technology arena. They helped developers sell their apps internationally by breaking the language barrier. With the capability to assist clients in reaching virtually every app user, anywhere in the world, demand for its services skyrocketed, and client demand increased. Satisfied customers, large and small, gave the company a solid reputation and popularity among developers across all levels.

DYS Translations facilitates communication and expansion of its client’s business in foreign markets by teaming together to create a flexible, reliable and open relationship for success. DYS Translations offers a high quality service that will meet your needs with a great price and robust performance.

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DYS Translations offers its services at a reasonable cost, encouraging individual developers in promoting their creations, as well as assisting corporations of all sizes to expand their reach. Accurate, professional translations are absolutely affordable for everyone!

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